Earthling, Homo Sapien, North American, photographer, in love.

Oliver grew up in a small, beautiful place in Massachusetts. He is eternally grateful to his parents for letting him stay alive and being generally great parents to him. He currently lives in Northampton Massachusetts with his wife and daughter. He owes all his happiness to his wife and is ridiculously proud of everything his daughter does, which at this point is learning two syllable words and trying to jump and dance. 

He studied fine art at the University of Massachusetts before enrolling at Hallmark Institute of Photography, graduating in 2010. He then moved to Brooklyn New York where he resided till 2015. Since then his work has brought him to music festivals, lots of weddings and events, and included portraits of everyone from famous musicians, to farmers, to newborn babies, and everything in between.

His interest in photography stems from a constant awareness of how beautiful this world and its inhabitants can be, and a gratitude from knowing how rare habitable planets are. 


Oliver Scott Snure


49 Hubbard Ave. Northampton MA 01060